Classic Movies & Radio Shows: Rebels & Outlaws!

Join us on Thursday afternoons at 2:00 for showings of classic movies from Tinseltown and recordings of old-time radio shows from its Golden Age.

August’s Schedule:

August 9 at 2:00pm –  Rebel Without a Cause (Drama; Not Rated; 1 hr, 51 min: Released 1955 by Warner Bros). Starring James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Dennis Hopper. [ABOUT THE MOVIE]


August 16 at 2:00pm – Two Radio Episodes:
1. Gunsmoke: Doc’s Visitor (Aired Aug. 28, 1938; 28 min)
2. Red Ryder: Devil’s Circus (Aired April 23, 1942; 29 min)